Online store creation plans

At ITEKYO, we offer customized plans that fit the needs of your business. Whether you need a basic online store or a sophisticated eCommerce platform, we have a plan for you. Choose from our Basic Plan, Intermediate Plan or Advanced Plan to get the perfect solution for your business.



Our Basic Plan is perfect for companies looking for a basic but effective online store



With our Intermediate Plan, you will get a higher quality online store that will help you grow your online business.



Our Advanced Plan is the perfect solution for businesses that need a customized online store that fits their specific needs.

If you want to improve your digital presence and grow your business, feel free to contact us today

Our team of experts will be happy to help you achieve your business objectives through personalized and effective digital solutions.


En ITEKYO somos un equipo de expertos en tecnología digital que te ayudamos a llevar tu negocio al siguiente nivel. Nos especializamos en diseño web, desarrollo de aplicaciones y SEO, y estamos comprometidos a brindarte soluciones personalizadas y efectivas para que puedas destacar en línea.

Soluciones Digitales

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